Terms & Conditions


All products are made by hand in my Queensland-based studio and each item is one of a kind, unless stated. Therefore, minor variations will sometimes occur.

If you see something you like that is no longer available, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss making something similar. 


Wear and Tear / Care

Avoid using abrasive products to clean items. Use mild soapy water to clean jewellery.

Some products may change colour over time, this is not a manufacturing fault but rather the nature of the materials used. Sterling silver will oxidise (tarnish) naturally over time from contact with air and your skin. Use a silver polishing cloth to restore your items shine.

The oxidised (black layer) on silver will rub off on frequent points of contact to reveal the silver colour underneath. Pieces that are comprised entirely of oxidised silver and no enamel paints etc can be re-dipped to bring back the black colour.

Paper-based items such as collages and zines may fade over time if displayed in  direct sunlight.